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Creaks is a puzzle adventure platformer game by Amanita Design, creators of Machinarium and Samorost. It was released for Apple Arcade on July 10, 2020, and for Windows, MacOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 22, 2020.

Creaks takes place in a mysterious subterranean mansion, inhabited by eccentric avian folk and strange monsters called creaks. In their animated form, creaks are deadly enemies, but when trapped under a beam of light they become harmless furniture that can be used to solve the game's elaborate puzzles. Creaks come in several forms, including dogs that chase on sight, spies that copy the player's movements, and jellyfish-like creatures that patrol the area. There are also paintings hidden throughout the mansion, some of which are playable mini-games.

You do not require a mouse to play Creaks on a PC because the entire game involves using the keyboard.

Creaks is best enjoyed with a controller and a good pair of headphones.


The game's music was composed by Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist Joe Acheson, aka Hidden Orchestra, in his first-ever work for a video game. He delivered an eclectic score that adaptively changes based on the player's progression within each of the game’s levels and often drops the beat to celebrate the moment the player finally figures it out. Instruments used on the soundtrack range from zithers and flutes to organs and choirs to modular synthesizers.


The Collector's Edition, available for Windows and Mac, includes the game, the music soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC formats, and an art book PDF.

The soundtrack and art book can also be purchased separately through the developer's website, Steam, GOG, and stores.



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